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Snake Brooch

Snake brooch in white and yellow gold with points of pink gold. Pearls, white and yellow diamonds and rubies. An animal with many meanings, it is found everywhere: in religions as well as in numerous symbolisms, mythologies and legends. Present in many ancient rituals, it embodied the divine as well as the demonic. In other cultures it is a symbol of fertility and creative force, of rebirth and transformation. Its venom can cure, kill or even become a narcotic potion, depending on how it is used. In the Chinese zodiac the snake represents powerful and diplomatic people and embodies the art of sensual seduction. It is a sign that conciliates sociability with introversion, intuitive reasoning with shrewdness in business. Those born under this sign are very lucky financially although they don’t consider money a requisite for a fully-lived life.

Pink Gold, Yellow Gold, White Gold, Pearls, Diamonds, Fancy Yellow Diamonds, Rubies